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Why choose Clear Blue Irrigation?
Healthy Lawn & Garden
Protects your investment, increases your property value and irrigates your lawn and garden at the optimum time – minimizing water loss due to evaporation. Imagine lush green grass and vibrant flower beds. That’s the beauty of a professionally installed or maintained sprinkler system from Clear Blue Irrigation. Clear Blue Irrigation strives for excellence in client services. We take our work ethic very seriously. We always want to exceed expectations when we visit our clients and take care of our client’s properties. We always want to answer any Irrigation related questions the client might have. We have extensive Knowledge about the irrigation, lawn and plant care industry.
Reduce Yard Work
Imagine never again having to drag a hose around. Imagine having more free time.
A time-controlled underground sprinkler system from Clear Blue Irrigation not only
eliminates the chore of hand watering, but also saves water and gives your valuable landscape the uniform coverage it needs to stay healthy and vigorous. Keep your lawn looking it's best.
Save Water
Reduce water usage - We have spent years working on techniques to help conserve water while establishing a beautiful lawn and garden. With our expert methods and a great focus on the property landscapes we can really help you save!!!

Clear Blue Irrigation guarantees care of
all the properties we service.

Clear Blue Irrigations team fully inspects the irrigation system making sure all components are functioning at a maximum level.
At Clear Blue Irrigation we are professionals - when we go to our client’s houses and perform work we want to leave a great impression, and will always keep a clean and respectable work area. Clear Blue Irrigation use only the best up to date water conserving products made. We love our job, and cherish the opportunity to make properties beautiful and lawns pristine!

That’s what you get from Clear Blue Irrigation!!!





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