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At Clear Blue Irrigation we focus a professional edge on service.With our skills on true water efficiency, accurate system time response and water conservation. Our goal is to maintain efficiency of the Irrigation system, minimizing water usage in return saving lots of money on the homeowner’s investment. With careful dedication and focus to the system we can make life grow easy while saving our precious resource.
System turn on service includes – Perform a full zone by zone inspection of your irrigation system from the point where the water comes out of the house to the end of the property line.
  • Backflow preventer check
  • Adjust sprinkler heads for maximum coverage to plants and lawn
    Monitor for leaking or broken pipes on property
    Program controller scheduling to achieve true water efficiency with accurate timing
    Observe landscapes for full sun areas or full shade low drainage areas
  • Find and test any sensors (i.e. rain sensors, flow sensors, moisture sensors, etc.)

We at Clear Blue Irrigation only use the best water saving products in the industry to assure we can achieve true water efficiency. We use all the newest technology to date.

Seasonal System Monitoring
For a yearly prepaid installment, we will come and preform the following:

  • Turn-on in Spring
  • Pre-Set turn on schedule
  • 1 hr of Service time
  • Then we will come back for a routine system health check.
    Where we will adjust your full irrigation on a weekly, monthly or
    bi-monthly basis depending on your needs.
  • Finally, we will come and do a complete water flush from the system
    and prepare for the Seasonal Winterizing.

For Contractors
Clear Blue Irrigation is always looking to build strong relations with our affiliates and further our reputation by working closely with other affiliate companies of the lawn and plant care field. We are here to work with you and help resolve any irrigation related issues. We can create a truly efficient system that delivers water in sync with your lawn and plant treatments, plus the demands through the changing seasons.
We at Clear Blue irrigation have knowledge and experience in irrigation but most importantly we want to be excellent for our clients!





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